Here you can find all current properties in Berlin, Potsdam, Brandenburg and elsewhere.

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Tips for your property search

  1. Read the sales offer and also the exposé in detail. Check whether the property meets your requirements and whether there are any knock-out criteria that make the property uninteresting for you from the outset.
  2. Interior inspection appointments are time consuming! Often not only for you and the seller/Real Estate Agent, but also for tenants or other third parties. Therefore, before arranging an appointment for an inspection, please check carefully whether the location of the property and the property itself meet your requirements. If you do not already know the exact location of the property, it is advisable to carry out an exterior inspection in advance. Simply combine this with your commute to work so that you get a direct feeling for the distance.
  3. Dare to ask yourself questions if you don’t understand something or if important questions for you are not yet answered. A serious conversation partner will answer your questions or clarify them after the common appointment and send you the answers without being asked.

Valuing real estate

Here you will find the properties we currently offer, which are usually located in Berlin, Potsdam and the surrounding area. For the real estates offered by us we have a qualified exclusive contract on the seller’s side. This offers you the following advantages in particular:

  • This gives us the opportunity to take the time before publishing a sales offer, to prepare it for you in an informative way, to identify and remove possible obstacles to purchase and to obtain all documents relevant to the sale.
  • If you are interested, you can be sure that we have direct contact to all sellers and that there are no other real estate agents besides us who could conduct parallel negotiations with other interested parties.
  • We are therefore able to advise you without time pressure and to answer all your questions in detail.

If you do not find what you are looking for in the following property listings, you are welcome to place a search request with us so that we can notify you as soon as we can offer you a property that matches your search profile. Ultimately, we do not offer every property online, or we always offer new sales offers to our registered prospective buyers first.

If you would like to sell your property in Berlin, Potsdam or the surrounding area, you are welcome to have your property valued by us free of charge and without obligation.

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As an owner you are thinking about selling or renting your property in Berlin, Potsdam and the surrounding area and would like to get professional support. We look forward to getting to know you!

We would like to arrange a telephone appointment with you first and therefore ask you to send us your contact details and initial information about your property using the following contact form. We will then get in touch with you immediately.

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We are happy to support you in your search for your desired property in Berlin, Potsdam and the surrounding area by notifying you as soon as we can offer you a property that matches your search profile. Please use the following contact form to place a search request.

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