The valuation of your properties in Berlin, Brandenburg Potsdam in good hands

We at estateMoments know the real estate market in Berlin, Potsdam and Brandenburg very well. After all, we act as local real estate agents for all real estate seekers and also for all those who want to sell their property. In both cases, a real estate valuation is often the foundation on which one builds when buying or selling real estate. However, the reasons for a property valuation by an expert can be very complex. An inheritance dispute can be the cause, and even a divorce often leads to a property valuation. A real estate valuation is often also simply done to determine one’s own assets, which in turn is necessary in discussions with lenders and banks. A real estate valuation is of course also an integral part of the everyday life of a capital investor. A real estate evaluation does not always have to result in a purchase or sale. Whoever evaluates his real estate will not only be able to sell the property faster, but will also be able to obtain outside capital more quickly, since his own assets are available.

Property valuation for sellers

Sellers of real estate can lose a lot of money if they misjudge the value of the property. We at estateMoments can help you determine the market value of your land, house or apartment. If the market value of a property is estimated to be too high, selling it will be difficult. This competes with the most common desire of sellers to sell the property as quickly as possible, yet at the best possible price. Of course, the seller also loses money if he considers the value of the property to be too low. The real estate market is subject to constant changes. We as experts know the current market prices and support you in correctly valuing the property. Numerous factors play an important role here.

Property valuation as buyer

Also as a buyer a real estate evaluation is a meaningful affair. It also makes sense to obtain the assessment of a real estate expert before the actual viewing date. A real estate appraisal not only helps buyers to get a good feeling when buying a property at the respective price, but also helps them to lead negotiations confidently and safely. Also for the conclusion of a residential building insurance, an appropriate evaluation of the real estate can be very useful and necessary.

What does a property valuation cost?

The question about the costs of a real estate evaluation cannot be answered in a generalized way, because each property brings different requirements with it. The type of property, the area of the property and also the complexity of the accompanying real estate valuation play a role. A very central point is of course also the completeness of the necessary documents, which one needs in order to evaluate a real estate.

Provided that you have the desire to sell your property, we will determine the market value of your property for you free of charge. After all, you can only make a conscious decision for or against the sale with the knowledge of what value is likely to be achievable for your property.

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